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    This is our restaurant’s motto which will hopefully speak to you. From everything that we’ve left behind in life, especially from all those serene moments we keep in our memory, taste is something that we will always remember. More…


    Many traditions, cultures, and nations intertwined in the wonderful cities of Lviv and Warsaw. Their culinary history is an endless source of inspiration, from which we want to draw while we maintain our distinctive character. We want our cuisine to be respectful of these traditions, but also fearless and open to everything new. WE DON’T WANT TO FOLLOW THE TRENDS. WE WANT TO SET THEM. We hope that you will embark with us on this fantastic journey through tastes. More…


    As even the most exquisite meal would be nothing with an appropriate finish, we offer you a wide selection of alcohols and cocktails served by our bar staff to accompany your meal. Apart from classical liquors and recipes, in our menu, you will find original cocktails and fruit liquors prepared by our Head Bartender, Damian Mielniczek.

    We also have a wine menu with a broad selection of wines from all over the world, as well as professional sommeliers, who will help you select the right wine.


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    The venue and the atmosphere are what makes the party. With that in mind, we’re certain that the captivating and memorable space of Rest. Baczewskich is an ideal place for every party and banquet. You can either use the main restaurant room or, if you’re seeking a more intimate ambiance or have specific individual preferences regarding the event, you can request the lower Nalewkowa Room, which can host 60 guests seated or 90 guests standing. The menu is always adjusted to the needs and preferences of our guests.

    Should you be interested in our offer, please call 888 522 668 or contact us via e-mail.